'Heal Your Womb' FREE Drum Journey plus BONUS video tutorials


What is Shamanic Womb Healing ?

I'd love to offer you this short video tutorial, to introduce you to the concepts and techniques used in Shamanic Womb Healing so that you can find out how this may help you, before you opt-in to get your 'Heal Your Womb' FREE Drum Journey ... OR, you can skip straight to the juicy bit and scroll down to access the Drum Journey straight away


Use this ancient Technology of the Drum, and Medicine of the Imagination, to take you on a journey to become your own Womb Shaman

Click below to receive your 'Heal Your Womb' FREE Drum Journey with BONUS Video Tutorial on 'Shamanic Journeying and the Sacred Technology of the Drum' 


Work with this simple practise regularly to heal ever-deeper layers of yourself

Connect with your Spiritual Guides and Allies to receive help and assistance in your healing journeys

Join the ever-growing Sisterhood of women who are healing themselves and re-claiming their power

Together, we can 

Heal Our Wombs

Heal Our Womanhood


Heal Our World



Lots of Love

Joanna Joy xx


15 Minute Shamanic Drum Journey  and Video Tutorial to

Heal Your Womb

Release Your Pain
Restore Your Power
Healing the Wounds of Womanhood

with Joanna Joy


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