Restoring Consciousness, Liberating Humanity


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Each Healing Transmission begins with a song to call in my Spiritual Healing Allies, Guides and Protectors, and these are the ones who show themselves to me throughout the Transmission.

During this opening song to call in power, you are invited to call in your own Healing Allies, and if you do this, you may well see, sense or feel other beings during the Transmission, who will be working alongside mine.

What a great team effort !! 


This Transmission covers the following themes :-

  • Metaphor of Humanity as a headless chicken - no consciousness for eons, busy-ness without awareness.

  • Goddess Isis - restores the head to the chicken, returns consciousness to humanity.

  • Metaphor of humans as Puppet Gladiators fighting each other in the Roman Circus - manipulated and pitted against one another by non-human puppet masters who pull their strings and forcing them to fight one another.

  • Goddess Isis - cries her Goddess tears to clear the heart grief of the betrayals and injustices done to humanity, by one another, in this orchestrated conflict dynamic. 

  • Clearing the pain of the Oppressor/Oppressed pattern.

  • Kestrel and ArchAngel Michael - cord-cutting the strings between the puppets and the puppet masters, for all humans past, present and future.

  • Archangel Ezekiel - The Angel of Death collects the Ghost Ancestors who have been trapped on the Earth plane due to their unresolved pain from lives lived under the Puppet Master Oppression dynamic. 

  • Release of these Ghost Ancestors to the Light.

  • Galactic Family - Galactic Allies come to support us in our liberation from enslavement by non-human entities and agendas.




Due to the detoxifying nature of energy healing upon the body, heart, mind and spirit, you may experience any of the following after the Healing Transmission;
  • A temporary increase in any presenting symptoms.
  • A temporary re-emergence of old ailments.
  • Skin outbreaks or rashes.
  • Extreme tiredness.
  • Increase in thirst and desire to drink lots of water.
  • Emotional turbulence and/or mood swings.
  • A desire to clean/clear your cupboards/house/life.
  • The making of big life decisions that you may have been mulling over for a while.
  • Strange dreams.
  • A desire to be alone and/or get out into nature.
  • Increased extra-sensory perception.
Please do not worry if you experience any of these temporary symptoms.  These are simply the outward signs of inner shifts and changes occurring, and the clearance of unhelpful energetic patterns from your energy body.
Please also allow time for this healing to integrate before doing any more.  Give yourself at least a few days to process the healing.  You may wish to leave it longer if you are feeling a bit wobbly.
If you experience extreme responses to the healing work, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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"Thank you so much for the healing, it was amazing. I felt the shivers - when you were talking about the Horned One I suddenly felt a headache. It stayed until you asked the Angel to banish it. I now feel so light - really alive, awake and reassured! Thank you so much for this !"


"Thank you so very much Joanna. When you referred to the witches in the 16th century my whole body experienced waves of shaking and trembling and I cried out so deeply. I feel so empowered and grateful for this healing work."


"I loved the guided Shamanic meditation you offered us. It was amazing. I saw wings when you called forth the first ally and every time you talked about getting the chills and breaths I had them too! I was getting them BEFORE you said them, so it was happening simultaneously with you. Pretty cool huh ?"


"Wow! That was incredibly beautiful Jo."


"Today felt like the right day to take part in this journey. Wow, this work is incredibly powerful, so thank you so much for sharing this offering. "

"Your transmissions always blow me away and give me tingles, they seem to resonate deeply inside me in a way I can't find words for."


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Join the mailing list to get the latest news and offers