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Gaia Transmission No. 018 - Paradigm Shift - Stepping Into The Eye Of The Storm

This Transmission covers the following themes:-

  • Spider Medicine - She comes to remove unhelpful energy or energetic intrusions - more clearing throughout  the whole Transmission.
  • Gift of a Pearl of Wisdom, Truth and Knowledge of our Human Legacy - Soul Retrieval.
  • Sword Through Our Power - a sword is stuck through the Solar Plexus of Humanity, preventing us from standing in our power, and thriving in strength and courage.
  • Spider Medicine - Spider returns to remove this Sword.
  • Storm Medicine - Full Elemental pattern breaker, Storm comes to clear the way and to shift unshift-able things, to help us clear the Old Paradigm, and help us move into a new Paradigm.
  • Spider Medicine - Spider returns again to cut the puppet strings that have allowed the puppet masters to control us for so long.  Liberation of Humanity.
  • Whirlwind Medicine - An aspect of Storm Medicine, Whirlwind comes to take away that which no longer serves you, and asks you if you want to step into the Whirlwind to be taken out of the Old Paradigm and into the new one.
  • Spider Medicine - Spider returns once more to remove armouring from across the chest, shoulder, neck and head - these plates of armour are rigid self-limiting ideas, concepts and patterns that prevent us from moving into the New Paradigm of unlimited and infinite potential. 
  • Stingray/ArchAngel Metatron - offers us the opportunity to cancel any Soul Contracts that prevent us from moving into the New Paradigm.


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