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Gaia Transmission No. 008 - Clearing the Violence of Silence, Returning to Truth

This Transmission covers the following themes:-

  • Goddess Isis - Clearing the Violence of Silence, unblocking our Throats, clearing invalidation, negation, repression.
  • Heart Opening and revelations of truth necessary for Ascension process.
  • Human Rite of Passage through multiple gateways of initiation.
  • Nature as an ally to help with this initiation process.
  • Mother Nature is reaching out to us and sending her ‘Little Ones’ to help us through this Ascension process - the animals and plants, minerals and elementals, rivers and mountains and other beings of the natural world.
  • Deep Heart Healing to return back into the embrace of Mother Nature.
  • Opening of the pathway between Heart and Throat.
  • Rite of Passage for Humanity - Puberty - moving from Child into Adult in our Human Evolutionary Development - time to wake up and grow up.
  • Tempering our Creations with Love.
  • Human creativity and ability will amplify as we Ascend.
  • Trees as our Allies - connecting with trees to assist in fast growth, like new shoots in Springtime, reaching towards the Light.


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