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Gaia Transmission - No. 041 - Shamanic Protection From CoVax Shedding - Clearing Death Curses

This Transmission covers the following themes:-

  • Dragonfly Medicine - Curse Unravelling - Unravelling the Death Curse of the Covid Scamdemic and Covax genocide including the shedding / transmission of gene altering technology.

  • Storm Medicine - The Pattern Breaker - Using the Storm and Dragonfly combination to clear the past-life patterning of Genocidal Death Curses.

  • Snake Medicine in the form of Lightening Strike - brings Genetic Modification - de-modify, re-modify and evolve your genetic sequencing to evolve and protect from the adverse effects of Covax shedding / transmission.

  • Goddess Isis - Curse Unravelling - healing from the effects of Patriarchal or male violence - shedding her goddess tears to clean us on all levels from these dark intentions of Death Cursing, across all life-times.

  • Goddess Isis - Soul Retrieval - Isis returns to us the Soul Parts that were stolen from us by those who killed us through genocide across multiple lifetimes.

  • Extraction of energetic imprints of the implements of death to be removed from the energy field.

  • Triceratops Medicine - Protection from Ancient Evil - protection from current and future genocidal intentions.

  • Archangel Michael - Angelic Protection.

  • Shungite Medicine - Mineral Protector from Ancient Evil.

  • Sequoia Medicine - Plant Protector from Ancient Evil.

  • Humpback Whale Medicine - Ally of guidance and navigation - to help us to navigate out of trouble, to help us to make choices that keep us safe.  The whales also have a connection with the Star People and inter-dimensional spiritual beings such as Angels, who are also helping us to navigate our way through these troubled times.

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