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Gaia Transmission - No. 044 - Maintenance Cleanse From Bio And Info Warfare

This Transmission covers the following themes:-

  • Water Dragon - Cleansing and Purification - cleansing all of the body’s water-based systems. 

  • Toxic poisoning as a tactic of bio-warfare upon the human population. Water Dragon comes to disarm and disable this tactic of warfare within the body.

  • This cleansing needs to be done regularly because the toxic onslaught is happening ALL the time, and has been for a LONG time.

  • Base Chakra Strengthening - Strengthening of our survival instincts of Fight or Flight.

  • Solar Plexus Strengthening - Strengthening us to be able to stand strong in our personal power.

  • Archangel Michael - removing intrusions that prevent us from standing in our power and being able to receive truth and guidance from trustworthy sources.  Clearing of lies and deceptions that we carry within us from a lifetime of being intentionally deceived.



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