Tales Of A Wandering Witch

A Memoir

By Joanna Joy

This is My Story.


Pieced together from current events, past events and information channelled and transcribed from Beyond The Veils.  


It is on-going, un-folding, revealing itself piece by piece.  

It is a story that seeks to tell itself, that seeks to be heard.


It is a story that started many moons ago, and it reaches into many aspects of Life and Death.


Initially my writing was in response to some pretty outrageous accusations towards me.


But as the words and concepts started to flow, I realised that what was pouring out of me was my own expression and  understanding of the Journey of the Soul, through the Veils of Life and Death, and Beyond. 


In February 2023, Dan Malster, the father of my three children took his own life.


Many people started throwing blame at me.


As my children and I navigated these harsh themes of Suicide and Grief, our journey was made even harder to process with Blame, Shame and Guilt being poured upon me as the Scapegoat for this tragic event.


However, as I did the deep and profound work of gathering up the many fragmented and traumatised pieces of Soul of the man that I had loved for so long, a much bigger picture started to emerge...


A story of deep love and terrible tragedy over many life-times.


As I Transitioned each piece of his Soul over to The Light, the pain and trauma of these many other life-times started to show itself to be witnessed, acknowledged, brought to peace and released.


I learned about the repeating Karmic patterns of our Family, through our Viking life-time, our experiences in the Medieval Witch Trials as well as our fate as Romany Gypsies in Nazi Europe.


My children and I began regular daily ceremonies to bring all of our Souls to peace from the painful events we had all experienced many, many times.


This Soul Work is still on-going and unfolding.


Tales Of A Wandering Witch is my account of this Soul Journey.


Telling the Tale is a part of my own Work to bring my Soul to Peace.


Another task of this Soul Work is to share my own Soul's Truth and Learning with anyone who is interested.


This story is not finished yet.  


So if you are interested in learning about Karma and the Mechanics of The Soul, with a decidedly Shamanic twist, please read on…


"You are amazing thank you for being so honest and raw, the depth of your story lifts my soul, thank you Jo x"


"Ah Jo! I have just read your piece of writing. You are an unusually strong beacon of light in a time of darkness. Thank you for shining bright for you and your children. You are an unwavering voice speaking truth to power & I have much love and admiration for you and your work. "


"Wow thank you for doing this"


"What a story Jo, a beautiful and painful story. Got me in tears. Rest in peace Dan. Thank you for sharing such a powerful way of standing up for one self and for justice."


"Beautiful and powerful. Truth is a hard taskmaster but will never stay hidden. Thank you for bringing your truth to the world."


"Hey Jo just wanted to say I've read & really appreciate you sharing. I've always been in awe of your extraordinarily deep work. Much love & respect x "


"Jo you are such an inspiration, always speaking your truth with such clarity! I remember vividly seeing the light in your eyes and feeling such a sense of wonder and expansion."


"Huge respect to you for writing this Jo. You are an incredible and inspirational person. I wish peace for you and your children and a peaceful transition for Dan x"


"What an incredible and impeccable piece of literature. I could feel it all whilst reading your words, your strength, your bravery... My gosh this is so fucking powerful that I have tears rolling down like waterfalls as I felt it so deep. You have created a revolution, a movement between the two worlds, the seen & the unseen. My goodness this is so powerful."


"Awesome words from a truly shining soul. "


" Beautiful read for this morning, thank you for sharing your amazing, beautiful story with Dan. As a Death Dreamer (untrained) myself, inspiring. I love you mother witch."


" Wow Jo. Thanks for sharing. I remember that festival where you met Dan …was that the same one where your cat went missing? You are such a powerful woman. Much love to you and the wild beans xx"


"Really powerful stuff. "


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