Ancestral And Karmic Healing Training Package

Ancestral And Karmic Healing

£200 For The Complete Training Package

Some of the deepest pains and traumas that we experience as humans on this Earth come from the repeating patterns that are carried down our Ancestral and Karmic lines.

Our Ancestors all endured tragedies and hardships, as did our own Soul in other life-times.

The pain and trauma of these experiences are very often carried down these lines as a way of showing us where we need to bring our attention and healing.

When these patterns show up in our lives, it is a call for help either from our Ghost Ancestors who are not at peace with what happened to them, or it may be a red flag raised by our own Soul, to witness and heal the pain that we experienced in other incarnations. 

Very often these patterns are created by brutal experiences of violence or injustice, hardship or tragedy, in one form or another, and whether we are working Ancestrally or Karmically, the aim is to bring the Soul that experienced that to peace with what happened to them.



Some examples of Ancestral and Karmic Patterns are …

  •  Oppression

  •  Persecution

  •  Warfare

  •  Slavery

  •  Suicide

  •  Homicide

  •  Genocide

  •  Violation

  •  Poverty

  •  Starvation

  •  Destitution


The symptoms of these patterns can show up as…

  • Physical symptoms in the body suddenly appearing or reaching chronic or acute levels.

  • Emotional or mental crises occurring or reaching breaking point.

  • Life itself can also start to show you the pattern through challenging life experiences or strange circumstances that arise suddenly or repeat over time, in our own life or through our families.


Some examples of how the symptoms of these patterns can show up are…

  •  Chronic or Acute Illnesses

  •  Hereditary Diseases

  •  Anxiety

  •  Depression

  •  Anger and Rage

  •  Addictions

  •  Self-Harm

  •  Suicidal Ideation

  •  Sexual Abuse

  •  Violence

  •  Money Problems

  •  Conflicts within the Family

  •  Conflicts within Community

  •  ANY negative repeating pattern in your life or your family


We can do years of healing work on ourselves and our life and yet certain issues just seem impossible to resolve or clear. 

This can be an indication that that source of the issue is either not you (but one of your Ancestors), or it is not from this life-time (but that your Soul experienced it in a different life-time).

We may witness these symptoms presenting themselves in our children's experiences, behaviours or personality traits.

Or sometimes we see them present in multiple generations of our own family.

The method that I work with can be used for both Ancestral Healing as well as Karmic Healing, to identify and remedy unhelpful patterns that can be carried down through our Ancestral Lines, our Karmic Lines from other life-times, or both.

In my own experience of doing this work, I have found that the process tends to bring up what you need to work on rather than what you want to work on, and sometimes this will be an Ancestral pattern, sometimes a Karmic pattern, or sometimes the pattern will be present on both your Ancestral and Karmic lines simultaneously. 

This is the reason why I offer both bodies of Healing Work as ONE PROCESS AND TRAINING PACKAGE.

They are so often connected and influence one another, and your own Luminous Ancestors are our best Spiritual Guides through both the Ancestral and Karmic aspects of this work, as they can see both lines simultaneously, and they know which patterns need to come up in which order to move us through the work in the most effective way possible for your own Soul's benefit.

This form of healing work is very much an on-going journey rather than a one-off session, and is split into FOUR PARTS to provide a simple, step-by-step process that is easy to break down into manageable chunks, as well as to fit it into life's busy schedule!


These FOUR PARTS are... 

PART 1 - Ancestral Preparation And Protection

PART 2 - TRANSFORMATION DANCE - Identify, Witness, Remedy 

PART 3 - TRANSMUTING THE PATTERN - Elemental Ritual And Remedy

PART 4 - ANCESTRAL TRANSITION - Crossing The Ghost Ancestors To The Light

This body of work is not in the format of one or more sessions that you  receive as healing sessions.  

It is a profound healing process that you will be taught how to do yourself within this Training Package. 



ALL the resources you need to work through as many Ancestral or Karmic Patterns as there are, or you feel you need to do.

ALL of the healing work is done by YOU, with resources, support and guidance provided by ME in the form of… 


  • A One Hour Training Session to teach you the process and practise of the healing work.

  • FOUR PDFs that lay out each Part of this profound healing process in easy, manageable bite-sized chunks.

  • TWO Audio Recordings that support the somatic movement-based aspects of this work.

  • A One Hour Feedback Consultation (which can be taken at any point in the process) for support, guidance, feedback and generally checking in on your progress.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can gain Social Media peer support from others who are walking the same path, as well as support from me.

  • Additional Consultations can also be booked if you want or need further one-to-one personal support, guidance or feedback as you progress further along your healing journey.  These Consultations can be booked individually or as packages.


The practise of this healing path is quite long and multi-layered, as well as deeply emotional.

It is not a quick process!

And it is also deeply personal.

This is why I encourage people to learn how to do the work themselves.

This is the deepest work that I offer. 

It reaches into the deepest aspects of our journeys and experiences as a Soul, and when done with dedication and perseverance, has profoundly powerful positive effects upon the health and happiness of ourselves and our living family.

A word regarding timing and timescale...


Once we embark upon this work, it can often be the case that a flurry of patterns will start to emerge. You may find that you are just getting to grips with one pattern, understanding it's dynamics and working on the Elemental Ritual to remedy it, and another will start to show itself. 


While you can absolutely take things at a pace that works for you, you may well find that the healing work starts making life uncomfortable for you until you acknowledge and address what is seeking to be resolved. 


It is my belief that if you have been drawn to this work, then on some level, your Soul has decided that it is ready.


Or perhaps the cries for help from your Ghost Ancestors have become too loud to ignore any more. 


We are also living in extraordinary times, which are demanding our conscious participation in clearing the dead wood from the path of our own Soul’s Journey, in order to make way for a much better future for ourselves, our children and the rest of humanity. 


And so I honour your Soul's desire to embark upon this very powerful work, and I thank you for your courage to do so, as it will benefit all of us as the ripples of this deeply transformative healing work impact humanity in unimaginable and positive ways.

"I have done deep energetic healing work with Joanna Joy and can not explain sufficiently in words how profound it was."


"I felt instantly connected to and comfortable with Jo. She felt like a kind and supportive older sister. I told her more about myself in my consultation than I told my counsellor in 8 weeks. I took comfort in knowing that Jo has had similar past experiences and has successfully healed herself."


"I have experienced deep, transformational life changing work with Joanna Joy. If Shamanic work resonates with you, it is one of the most powerful and empowering ways to let go of past trauma."


"I had buried those feeling for years and I know that no amount of talking would have released them. This was a physical and spiritual process from which I have emerged stronger, wiser and full of hope for the future and with the deepest gratitude for Jo and my female ancestors."


"I’m finding so much more space and joy in my days. I’m seeing the changes already and they’re beautiful. Much love. Really appreciate the work you do."


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