‘Heal Your Womb’ with Joanna Joy - Healing the Wounds of Womanhood

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

Hi, my name is Joanna Joy


I am a Shamanic Healer, specialising in working with women, to heal wombs and trauma, and the wounds of womanhood.


I am just starting to expand my 1-2-1 healing practise to work with clients internationally, online, and I have just launched my Online Courses in Shamanic Womb Healing, called ‘Heal Your Womb’.


‘Heal Your Womb’ is a DIY toolkit of Shamanic Womb Healing Techniques that teach women how to;


  • Release Your Pain and Restore Your Power


  • How to be your own Womb Shaman to Heal the Wounds of your Womanhood.


Whether the Wounds of a Womanhood are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, these techniques can help. 


These same techniques have brought amazing transformations for so many of my clients, who come with many different female issues, from menstrual, gynaecological, or fertility issues, to birth preparation requirements, post-natal support and restoration, or healing trauma from domestic violence, sexual or medical violation, abusive and dis-empowering relationships, or parental wounding. 


Shamanic Womb Healing techniques are amazing for releasing the pain, fear, anger and grief of these female wounds, as well as restoring both life-force and our own soul-force energy that can be lost or stolen from us in these kinds of situation. 


They bring liberation from unhelpful behaviour patterns and life-choices that do not serve you any longer, they bring you back to wholeness and gives you access to your soul’s true gifts and talents, they bring you confidence and clarity in our own power and purpose. 


These techniques have benefitted many of my clients who experience chronic health conditions as well, reducing or completely eradicating the painful and debilitating symptoms of menstrual pain, endometriosis, UTI’s, PCOS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, to name but a few. 


Through the format of an Online Course, you will be able to access these tools and techniques at your own comfort and convenience, whatever your situation or circumstance. 



I have just released my first course;


This ‘Heal Your Womb’ Mini-Course is an introduction to the basic concepts of Shamanic Womb Healing and it gives a taste of the foundational Shamanic Journeying techniques that can help you to ‘Heal Your Womb’ - Shamanic Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.


And there is a much more in-depth course coming soon; the ‘Heal Your Womb’ Online Program, which will include and build upon the Mini-Course syllabus bringing teachings on how to use your menstrual cycle or the moon cycle to Heal Your Pain and Manifest Your Dreams, you will address the roots of dysfunctional relationship patterns and life-patterns by looking at Soul Contracts, Cord-Cutting, Ancestral Healing, and then you will work with advanced techniques of Compassionate Spirit-Release to gently clear away any spirits of the dead and entities, Curse-Unravelling to clear personal, ancestral and collective curses that bind you into repeating patterns of negative experiences, and then Womb Blessings to awaken and empower the true purpose of the Womb, to harness your true female power, and create a life that feeds your soul and makes your heart sing.


If you would like a FREE taster of this body of work, to see if it resonates with you, you can try out the ‘Heal Your Womb’ FREE Drum Journey with Video Tutorials.


What have you got to lose ?

You may be surprised at your own ability to heal yourself using these ancient indigenous Shamanic practises. 


I look forward to sharing these transformative healing techniques with you, if the time is right and the prevailing winds are favourable 😊


Love Jo ❤️🌺✨


Click on the link below to find out about all these opportunities to ‘Heal Your Womb’.



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