Reflections - Strawberries of Abundance

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2022

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to share with you this week's Reflections on Abundance, and in the Spirit of Abundance, offer you the latest FREE GAIA TRANSMISSION …

No. 011 - Be Free To Be The Best You Can Be And Relax Into Receiving …

Reflections - Strawberries of Abundance

And in this week's news, I have mostly been planting strawberries !

For the last few weeks, my own personal healing work has been to focus on Abundance.

Abundance is a many facetted topic, and we can experience abundance, or it's lack, in many aspects of our lives - material and financial, emotional, mental and spiritual. My own focus has been about creating food abundance in my garden, and generating more financial abundance, as I return to work and get the income generating wheels spinning again !

Learning to generate food upon the Earth is also a lesson in learning about creating the right conditions for harvest abundance, for the plants that you choose to cultivate. The same can be said for creating the right conditions for any other form of abundance too.

And so yesterday the strawberries taught me a valuable lesson ...

Several months ago, I planted 3 strawberry plants in a shady part of my garden. I have grown strawberries several times in my life, in different places, with varying degrees of success.

My children love strawberries, and so this week I decided to put more focus and energy into the garden Strawberry Project !!

The strawberries in the shady spot had not produced one single strawberry in the six months they had been there. Lesson number one - if you want fruit, don't plant strawberries in the shade !

So I bought several more strawberry plants and pots, with the intention of mounting them on a fence in a sunny part of the garden, to take advantage of the vertical space and abundant sunshine in that space.

After planting them into the pots, I decided as an afterthought to go and dig up the plants in the shady spot and re-plant them into the sunny vertical strawberry 'wall'.

Lo and behold, unbeknown to me, under cover of shade and other plants growing up around them, the strawberries had been busy ! ... They had been prolifically reproducing. I dug up 28 baby strawberry plants in this shady spot, and had to find an abundance of pots (re-cycled yoghurt pots) to accommodate this abundance of baby strawberry plants !!

And so while I had been feeling very poor in terms of strawberry fruit harvest, yesterday I realised that we were actually very rich in the potential for future harvests, as this abundance of little strawberry plants was discovered ! I also felt a bit silly for going and buying 3 more plants earlier that day, when I discovered the 28 babies !!

And so my lesson around abundance is that even if you think your work has fallen on stony ground and is not producing what you wanted or expected, do not underestimate how that energy and intention may come back to you in other unexpected ways, which may well bear A LOT of fruit in the future if given the right conditions !!


And so in the spirit of Abundance, I am offering this FREE Gaia Transmission to you ...


GT. No. 011 - Be Free To Be The Best You Can Be and Relax into Receiving

This Transmission covers the following themes :-

🌺Queen Bee rescued from a tangled web of restriction
Bee Medicine - remembering to rest and relax in the flowers in between all the busy-ness
“Be free, to be who you want to be, to be the best that you can be”

🌺Relax into receiving the sweetness and honey of life

🌺Flower medicine - connect with flowers as power allies to receive the beauty and abundance of life

🌺Goddess Isis and Mother Nature - “like a baby to my breast, relax and receive my nourishment”

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Bright Blessings of Abundance to you all

Jo xx



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