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Third Degree Reiki Training - Master/Teacher

The Reiki Master level, as it is known to us in the West, is the final level in our Western system.  The only reason for a student to do the Third Degree is if they wish to teach Reiki to others.  In fact you cannot call yourself a Reiki Master until you have initiated someone else, even if you have received the Third Degree initiations.  
It is recommended that a gap of at least a year is left between doing Second and Third Degree, as it takes about this long for the Second Degree energies to settle.  Even then, the Second Degree student generally has to demonstrate a high degree of commitment to Reiki before their Reiki Master will deem them suitable and ready to move onto the teaching level.  They need to treat themselves regularly (ideally, every day) to ensure that they have a full subjective understanding of the ways in which Reiki affects us on a personal level.  They should have a broad experience of treating other people with a wide range of problems, to ensure that they have a full objective understanding of how diversely Reiki affects people on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.   They also need to be capable of teaching others in a clear and concise manner, as well as being able to write a manual for their students.  This should be an accumulation of knowledge and experience gained, as well as mistakes and lessons learned.  
Upon initiation, the Third Degree student will be shown two final symbols.  These are primarily used to initiate others into Reiki.  They will then be shown the sacred rituals for initiating First, Second and Third Degree students.  Personally, I am still amazed and in awe of the miracle that is the Reiki initiation.  The spiritual secret of how it works is not disclosed even within Third Degree training.  It just does.  The revelations and possibilities that were opened up to the Second Degree student when confronted with sending energy across space and time are now compounded.  The realisation that you can now give someone else the ability to heal themselves is nothing short of mind-blowing, and is a spiritual healing in itself.  
The highest Divine gift of accelerated spiritual healing is what is given to those who devote themselves to bringing this loving, healing energy of Reiki to others.  The powerful energy passed during attunements affects not only the student but the teacher also, and so just as treating yourself and others regularly accelerates your own healing and development, so initiating others increases the personal spiritual development of the Reiki Master significantly.
Third Degree opens up your full spiritual potential.  It connects you intimately to The Divine, and in devoting yourself to the Divine Will of The Universe, you become a humble servant of Reiki.  In exchange you receive the spiritual blessings of lessons in enlightenment.  When you open yourself up fully to the Love of The Universe, health, happiness, and spiritual fulfilment are your gift.




"Jo taught me reiki 1 and reiki 2 in 2007. Her teaching was clear and powerful, and set me out on my journey of healing myself and others. I will be forever grateful. "


"Jo was my reiki master for Reiki 1 and 2. I have found Reiki to be a powerful, grounding and intuitive tool both for myself and others. It is practical and profoundly spiritual all at the same time. It has stayed with me in every day life, building my energy awareness from feeling the energy in a cup of tea to a tree. I was looking for someone I trusted to guide me through these intense, wonderful experiences - I found that in Jo. She is welcoming and supportive and has a strength of spirit that is inspiring to be around. I would recommend working with Jo to anyone who feels that they want to take the next step into energy work and healing."


"When I received my First Degree attunement from Jo, I was moved by her attention to detail, which is obviously born not only from her passion for the subject, but I felt also because she is doing the work she is meant for. I felt completely comfortable in my understanding of the history and tradition supporting Reiki healing and teaching and I was excited to begin my journey. After my attunement I knew I found a new way forward and that my life was forever changed for the better."


"Jo is a genuine modern day shaman and an amazing Energy worker and Reiki Master. She provides a safe, non-judgemental healing space for her deeply powerful transformational treatments which have helped me to release my own fears and self-imposed limitations and realise my true self and potential. Deep Healing indeed! She is also an inspirational teacher; I owe my love of tarot reading to her expert tuition and the energetic training I've received on her Reiki courses has enriched my personal and professional life beyond measure."


"I have done Reiki One and Two with Jo and received distance healing too. Jo works with absolute intergrity and the depth of the healing she offers is also matched by her eloquence and ability to talk about what she is doing and why. I felt very empowered not only from learning Reiki but by Jo's support and presence too. I would recommend Jo completely"


"Joanna inducted me into Reiki and as a consequence changed my very existence. She later took me through Reiki 2 and as a further consequence I have, in a far lesser manner, touched the lives of others. Joanna IS Spirit - she lives and breathes it and imparts it upon those around her as an expression of the Goddess. Her powers of healing are mighty, because she understands the source and the vibrations that feed and nourish her with such. "


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