Shamanic Womb Healing

Shamanic Womb Healing

1 Hour £50, 2 Hours £100, 3 Hours £150

Shamanic Womb Healing is focused on healing all aspects of our womanhood, including our physical wombs.


Our experiences of womanhood give rise to all sorts of negative emotions (known as Womb Resentment), and in our culture, we are not taught how to process and release these emotions properly.


In ancient times, we would have been taught Menstrual Rites and rituals when we reached puberty, which would allow us to release this build-up of Womb Resentment on a monthly basis when we bled.  We would also have been taught how to use our ovulation as a way of harnessing our vast creative female power to create and manifest our dreams.


We are not taught this fundamental information about our own female gifts any more.

(You can learn more about these Menstrual Rites HERE)


And so, this Womb Resentment ends up getting stored in our Spirit Womb, which is essentially the feminine aspect of our energy body.


The consequences of Womb Resentment building up through our lifetime can result in all sorts of problems and issues that affect our health and well-being, such as; chronic or acute physical ailments, problems with our sexual/reproductive organs, infertility, anxiety and depression, panic attacks, emotional and/or mental instability, chronic fatigue or low energy, low self-worth issues, eating disorders, relationship problems, libido issues, extreme sexual inhibitions/promiscuity, lack of creativity, lust for life, meaning or purpose, inexplicable feelings of isolation, alienation, fear, anger, hatred, or sadness.


In Shamanic Womb Healing we can use a variety of Shamanic Extraction techniques to remove this Womb Resentment.  


Once we have cleared the Womb Resentment around a particular issue or experience, we then look to see if there is any soul loss around this situation, and if so, work to restore any lost soul energy, through the process of Soul Retrieval.


And once the Soul energy is restored, we do a Power Retrieval, to restore the power that we have lost, or that has been taken from us.


During a Shamanic Womb Healing, a woman will always experience a combination of Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, and sometimes other techniques, depending on what comes up personally for her during the session.




There are several Womb Healing options that you can choose from, depending on your location and preference ...


Initial Consultation - 1 hour

This is an hour-long Consultation required for all new clients, to assess your situation, your needs and requirements.

This can be done Face-to-Face, or Online using the Zoom online meeting platform.

It is your opportunity to tell me what is going on for you, and my opportunity to give you feedback about how Shamanic Healing may be able to help you.

We can then work out a Healing Pathway that will suit your needs.


Face-to-Face Healing Session - 1, 2 or 3 hours

My healing practise is in San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


Distance Healing - 1 hour

For this type of healing session, I do the healing work absently and then email you a link where you can listen to a sound recording of the healing session.


Womb Clearing Ceremony - 3 hours

This is a 3 hour Healing ceremony, which is a deeply immersive and powerfully transformative experience.

It provides a very through clear-out of Womb Resentment from the Spirit Womb.

This can be done in a Face-to-Face or Online Session.

(Consultation included)


Discounted Packages

For those wanting to go deeper, and commit to a longer healing journey, I offer Discounted Packages or the Soul Journey Mentorship Program. 

This can be booked when you have your initial Consultation.




"I have done deep energetic healing work with Joanna Joy and can not explain sufficiently in words how profound it was."


"I had a Womb Clearing about 3 years ago now and it was EPICALLY life changing. I felt better in myself and was safely able to release violent experiences. It also changed my cycle for the better. I felt like I was walking on air, restored and loved."


"I can't recommend this [Womb Clearing] enough. Jo is a highly skilled energy worker who holds a safe space for intense journeying. I fully trust her with all energetic issues. My spirituality has been restored and I feel whole again."


"Completely recommend this beautiful transformative Womb Clearing Ceremony !!"


"Your last drum beat in sync with my womb, that last expulsion of energy, bloody ‘ell !!!"


"Highly recommend ! I have had Womb Clearances with Jo, amongst other treatments, and all have been life changing and life affirming."


"I felt instantly connected to and comfortable with Jo. She felt like a kind and supportive older sister. I told her more about myself in my consultation than I told my counsellor in 8 weeks. I took comfort in knowing that Jo has had similar past experiences and has successfully healed herself."


"I have experienced deep, transformational life changing work with Joanna Joy. If Shamanic work resonates with you, it is one of the most powerful and empowering ways to let go of past trauma."


"I'd definitely recommend Shamanic Womb Healing. One of, if not THE most powerful and profound experiences of my life."


"I had buried those feeling for years and I know that no amount of talking would have released them. This was a physical and spiritual process from which I have emerged stronger, wiser and full of hope for the future and with the deepest gratitude for Jo and my female ancestors."


"Apart from a spot of surgery what surprisingly helped me hugely was Shamanic Womb Healing work and cord cutting... I sincerely urge you to consider them. Joanna Joy did a fantastic job. Endo pain stopped immediately! Blew my mind!!"


"Womb Clearing all the way !"


"I’m finding so much more space and joy in my days. I’m seeing the changes already and they’re beautiful. Much love. Really appreciate the work you do."


"After a series of Womb Clearings, Cord Cuttings, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval and Shame Removal, all connected to my reproductive organs, I am now totally issue free and finally have a wonderful fear and pain free sex life."


"I would like to share my gratitude for Joanna Joy for a life changing Womb Clearing Ceremony. I bled all this week & had the most painless, joyful & life-affirming period I have ever had."


"I went for a Womb Clearing Ceremony with Joanna Joy, which was truly life changing."


"I delayed having my Womb Clearing, knowing it was powerful and I was scared - I knew what it would bring me and I wasn't 100% sure I was ready. But it was amazing."


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