HEAL YOUR WOMB - The Online Program


Heal Your Womb is a profoundly transformative DIY toolkit of Shamanic Womb Healing Techniques that will teach you how to;
  • Release Your Pain 
  • Restore Your Power
  • Become Your Own Womb Shaman
  • Heal the Wounds of Your Womanhood
This Program will cover
  • Introduction to Shamanic Womb Healing and Power Retrieval
  • Womb Clearing and Extraction
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Moon / Womb Rites and the Womb Magic of Manifestation
  • Soul Contracts and Past-Life Patterns
  • Energetic Cord-Cutting
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Compassionate Spirit Release
  • Curse-Unravelling and Blessing
  • Power Manifesting and Womb Initiation
We will learn techniques to release the personal pain, fears and traumas that we carry, as well as techniques to restore the Life-force and Soul-Force Power that we have lost, or that has been taken from us along our journey.  This brings us back to wholeness and lets our light shine bright once again, giving us energy, vitality and confidence in our own personal power, female bodies and experience.
We will explore teachings on how to use our menstrual cycle to maintain our Womb Health, or for those women who do not bleed, how to use the moon cycle to clear shadows and create life on a monthly basis.
We will be learning how to revoke detrimental Soul Contracts that bind us to others or trap us in negative repeating patterns that seem impossible to break, including those that may be repeating from previous life-times.  This liberates us to achieve our greatest potential in this life-time.
We will learn Cord-Cutting techniques to liberate us from dis-empowering people, places, institutions and co-dependant relationships so that we can create healthy relationship dynamics that are mutually empowering, and that bring us joy and fulfilment.
We will learn how to remove dysfunctional patterns and trauma that are passed down to us from our Ancestors, especially focusing on the Motherline, Mother Wounding and maternal patterns that dis-empower us.  We will be restoring the Soul Energy of Motherhood through our Maternal line, which re-connects us and our Ancestors to the the Source of maternal love.
We will learn how to compassionately release Spirits of the deceased that may have taken up residence within our Wombs (because it is such a warm and comfy space !), which frees up our life-force energy to bring us to more vibrant womb health, and assisting our fertility.
We will learn how to unravel the curses of womanhood, of which there are many; these curses are focused intentions to energetically harm us because of the female body that we were born into.  These curses can travel through families, life-times and social groups, and liberation from them clears yet another layer of darkness that restricts us in many ways, and this further frees us to excel within our life-path.
And finally, after doing all the hard work of clearing these deep, deep shadows of the feminine, we will look at how we can use the ancient Womb Mysteries to manifest and create anything and everything, from biological life to our dream career, financial abundance or our true love.
This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, when the storm clouds have cleared, the pay-off for all the hard work of clearing the darkness from our place of Female Power.
Finally we will finish with a beautiful Womb Blessing and Initiation Rite from the Jungle Medicine Women of South America, who have shared The 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki; The Rite of the Womb, to help women all over the world to heal their wombs.
Through practising all these techniques, you will shed the skins that no longer serve you, and you will re-birth yourself into your true female power, ready to use your womb to create the life you dream of.
PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a Practitioner Training Course. 
It is a Personal Healing Journey.


You will get FREE LIFE-TIME ACCESS to the Heal Your Womb Sisterhood Facebook Group.  In this Online Community Forum you can build strong sisterhood support networks and bonds of friendship with other awesome women who are on the Heal Your Womb path and are dedicated to their own journey of deep healing and self-empowerment.
This Sisterhood will be made up of all Heal Your Womb members, and will grow over time, allowing us to further explore and experience our individual AND collective journeys into Empowered Womanhood.

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