Gaia Transmissions - The Complete Collection



Distance Healing for Transformative Times

Supporting You To Fully Embody Your Human And Spiritual Sovereignty


I'd love to invite you to join the Gaia Transmissions Membership where you will have FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to The Complete Collection of 46 Healing Transmissions, intuitively channelled from the Spiritual Guides that I work with, to help us navigate the challenging times we find ourselves in.


These Transmissions cover a wide range of healing themes, topics and issues, including ...

  • Clearing our own trauma and pain patterns, unhealthy mental and emotional patterns, as well limiting Ancestral and Karmic patterns.

  • Providing a benevolent spiritual perspective and wisdom on our current times and the personal and global situations that our world is challenged with.

  • inviting us to transition through a Paradigm Shift, away from old and detrimental structures of thinking and living, to become the change we wish to see in our world, stepping into a more empowered place of spiritual freedom, personal truth and strength, self-reliance and independence.

  • Detoxification and Protection from many different forms of intended harm, that affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and technologically.


All of these Healing Transmissions will be available on live-stream and will be downloadable too, so you can save them for future off-line use.  They are yours to keep forever, and you can listen as many times as you wish, to receive the healing again if you feel you need to.


You will also have access to a Member's Only Private Facebook Group, where you can share your personal experiences with these Healing Transmissions and connect with like-minded folk who are also on their own Soul Journeys of deep healing, self-realisation and evolution of consciousness.  


Now, more than ever, we, as a human collective, are being asked if we are ready to Ascend, to let go of limiting patterns and ways of being that we have been stuck in for far too long, that restrict our freedom and prevent us reaching our true potential.  These Healing Transmissions - which come directly from Mother Earth and Compassionate and Benevolent Universal Beings of Love and Light - will be one of the tools in your box to help you to expand your consciousness and actualise yourself as a sovereign spiritual being.


Big Love
Joanna Joy


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