Birth Journey- Blessingway Magic (Poem)

Birth Journey – Blessingway Magic


Let me take you on a journey, sisters, travel with me now.

A journey for my birthing, of where and who and how.

Imagine if you will now, a lovely valley not far from here,

A little way upstream on this canal, do you want to lock or steer?

For we shall take our boat this way, a week or two from now

And I shall take the tiller, and you can stand upon the bow

For bridges are too much for me and winding locks is out

As at nearly 9 months pregnant, I am really far too stout.

So in summer sun, I hope at least, we'll wind our merry way

To the place where I shall birth my babe on his or her birthday.


And so the place that I have picked to bring you to my breast

Is a place of power and nature, a place to stop and rest.

On one side of the valley, the river winds it's course

Twisting like a serpent, an untamed waterforce.

And when I first feel labour start, to you I'll make my way,

To swim and meet the Goddess of this flowing waterway,

To ask for help and healing and an easy flowing birth,

To cool and calm my feelings of excitement and of mirth.

And when i've dipped and dived within her cooling cleansing love

I'll rest within the wildflower meadow drying in sun's rays from above.


And slowly I shall walk with you, stopping if I need,

To catch a breath and let the rush of birthing pass through me.

And as I walk my babe will move in gently rocking hips

To find the right position to birth from out my lips

And to our boat we shall return, to make a special nest,

To make some soup and cuddle up and have a good long rest.

For this birthing, I imagine, will happen when it's night,

And I've always love siestas, and right now, it's far too bright.


And night is when my friend's come out, to lend me of their gift,

To help me in this task of mine, to energise and lift

me up when I am needy of a little helping hand,

And so my friend's I call to you to come and gather round.


On the other side of the valley, between train tracks and canal,

is a strip of unkempt wilderness, and here I hear you howl,

And hoot your greeting under moon so full and pearly white,

So gather now my friends and helpers, allies of the night.


For many times I've heard the foxes mate and love round here,

Screeching with the owls above, from branches they appear,

And glide across this lovely glen on silent wings they drift

Catching evening thermals to gain a little lift.


But the one whose power I seek the most is blackest of them all

She prowls on silent pads of fur and leaps over a wall.

For she's the midnight mistress, the panther of this place

Her glinting amber eyes of gold, and darkened furry face.


Now you may think I fantasise, but let me tell you this

She's as real as real, and has been seen by Dan, now two years since

And locals too have seen her prowl alongside wall and fence.

The jaguar of Shipley, now I know you think I jest,

But Dan found tracks of big cat paws, and that is not the best

A few weeks later a deer was found, a hanging in a tree

mauled and partly eaten, now I wonder how that could be?


So Mistress, now I call to you to come and let me ride you,

For you have been my teacher, my ally and my guide,

Your lessons tough and sometimes cruel, you try to teach me how

To step through fear and darkness, and I think I need you now.


For I have never given birth and do not know the way,

But with you to guide me through the dark, I know we'll reach the day

The day that I'll present my child to the rising sun of morn

The day our life will start anew, a blessed breaking dawn.


But first I must allow my body time to squeeze you out,

Cresting with the peaking waves and rolling with each bout,

Moving round in circles, my hips will gently rock

And to the beat of reggae we'll dance the lover's lock

For that which got you into me, will surely help out,

With some dancing and some smooching and some olive oil about!

For I intend for this to be a birth of ecstacy

Of orgasmic body pulsing and hormonal bliss for me,

And just in case I need to chill, to help me to relax,

I've got my good friend Mary Jane rolled and ready in a box!


So as I let my body ripen, opening inside,

I'll sit and stare at licking flames beside the fireside.

Calling on this energising elemental energy,

To charge me up for the work ahead of pushing you from me.


And when I know the time is right, a choice I'll have to test,

To stay out in nature's beauty or retreat into my nest.

My wild soul, she yearns to birth you under moon and stars,

To present you to the beasts and trees, to Venus and to Mars

To feel the firmness of the land under your tiny newborn feet

To smell the grass and feel the dew, to let you meet and greet

The ones who helped me birth you, the friends who you will know

The old ones who will teach you, and nurture you to grow.


And yet there will be time for that, and so it may just be

That I want the soft warm cushions of my nesting cave round me

To be comfy in the flower-strewn warming waters of my pool

Or to have the firm support of the ancient mother's birthing stool.

And here my crystal helpers will assist me in my task

In their loving vibe and gentle pulse around me I will bask

And if I need some nourishment, upon the stove will be

A pot of soup to feed us well, to help me push you free.


And finally when you decide that you would like to come

Earthside, to greet the world, and meet your Dad and Mum,

My body will relinquish you in a mighty pushing swoon

Birthing our creation from my wonderful big womb.


So sisters help me make this dream my birth reality,

Our group intent and focus, can make this really be.

In circle, we are women who make magic happen fast

So send this vision love and strength in one great mighty blast.


And when you hear that time has come for me to birth my child,

Remember this birth journey, just for a little while,

And if you feel so inclined I invite you to retreat,

with me to Shipley valley and in spirit we will meet.


My love and thanks to all of you for coming on this day

so let's get on with the rest of it, and love and laugh and play!


By Joanna Joy, Summer 2012


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