Birth Journey- Blessingway Magic (Poem)

Birth Journey – Blessingway Magic


Let me take you on a journey, sisters, travel with me now.

A journey for my birthing, of where and who and how.

Imagine if you will now, a lovely valley not far from here,

A little way upstream on this canal, do you want to lock or steer?

For we shall take our boat this way, a week or two from now

And I shall take the tiller, and you can stand upon the bow

For bridges are too much for me and winding locks is out

As at nearly 9 months pregnant, I am really far too stout.

So in summer sun, I hope at least, we'll wind our merry way

To the place where I shall birth my babe on his or her birthday.


And so the place that I have picked to bring you to my breast

Is a place of power and nature, a place to stop and rest.

On one side of the valley, the river winds it's course

Twisting like a serpent, an untamed waterforce.

And when I first feel labour start, to you I'll make my way,

To swim and meet the Goddess of this flowing waterway,


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