Healing Sibling Relationships With Shamanic Healing Techniques

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2019

Check out this Vlog on Healing Sibling Relationships, using Shamanic Healing techniques ...


You can also come and join us in the Heal Your Womb Facebook group, for sisterhood support, discussions and information about Womb Healing and Female Empowerment.


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  • Use this ancient Technology of the Drum, and Medicine of the Imagination, to take you on a journey to become your own Womb Shaman.  
  • Work with this simple practise regularly to heal ever-deeper layers of yourself.  
  • Connect with your Spiritual Guides and Allies to receive help and assistance in your healing journeys.
  • Join the ever-growing Sisterhood of women who are taking their healing into their own hands

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Or if you want to dive deeper, you can take a look at my Heal Your Womb Mini-Course, which will introduce you to the foundation concepts of Shamanic Womb Healing and give you a taste of the Shamanic Journeying techniques that can help you to Heal Your Womb.  It's an absolute bargain at just £10, if I do say so myself !!

And if you really want to commit to your own profoundly transformative healing journey, my Year-Long Online Program will give you a thorough understanding of the concepts of Shamanic Womb Healing, and will provide you with many tools, techniques and practises that will help you to Heal Your Womb.  

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Much Love

Joanna Joy xx


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