Shamanic Journeying - DIY Power Animal Retrieval

You can call for a power animal to help you with any aspect of your life, and they bring you a gift of energy to assist you with that situation. This is a done by taking a shamanic journey, or visualisation journey, the purpose being to call upon energetic assistance from the animal spirit realm to help you in whatever way you need it.


To give you some examples, you could call upon a power animal to;


• help you heal in some way, eg from birth trauma, grief, abuse etc

• strengthen you if you suffer from eg. fear, anxiety, lack of confidence

• help you maintain strong positive energy dynamics/boundaries with those around you eg. partner, parents, children, work colleagues, friends etc

• support you through difficult or challenging life circumstances/transitions eg. leaving a relationship, moving house, changing job, having a baby

• help you to conceive

• help you sleep

• give you more energy

• help you child's eczema (you dont need your children's permission as they are still held within your energy field until puberty)

• help your child's behavioural issues/learning difficulties.


Really, the possibilities are endless.


Doing a Power Animal Retrieval is very easy to do yourself, so here's how you do it.......


Get into a quiet space/sacred space//meditation (if you find it hard to get a minutes peace to yourself, you can do this in the bath, or when you go to bed, though you may fall asleep doing it if you're very tired!).


OR you can play a shamanic drumming CD/you tube vid (best listened to through headphones), which can help you to journey if you find your mind wandering in unhelpful ways during a silent journey. (I will post good shamanic journeying links at the end).


Close your eyes and make the intention to journey to the lower world to find a power animal (eg. a power animal to help you maintain good boundaries). Repeat this intention 3 times, then imagine yourself at a tree that you know, holding the intention in your heart, then visualise yourself going down into the ground. This may be through the roots of the tree, or a hole may open up nearby, or even a spiral staircase or a cave. travel down into the earth, to the lower world, where the animal spirits hang out. when the tunnel comes out into some sort of landscape, repeat the intention and see what comes. Many different animals may come to you, but your power animal will show itself to you 3 times. Maybe a claw first, then a wing, then maybe an eye. It may show its whole self to you in a pose that shows you what it's power is. Once it has shown part or all of itself to you 3 times, you can ask it if it is your power animal, and if so, ask it what gifts or attributes it brings to help you.


You can take as much time as you like to hang out with and get to know your power animal. You can ask it questions and it may take you on a journey and show you things. When you are ready to 'come home', draw the power animal to you and breathe its energy into your heart, thanking it for its help. Let its energy move through you and settle in, then when you are ready, return back the way you came, back up the tunnel to the tree where you started.


Know that this power animal will come to your aid whenever you call it, or to keep it close by you could wear a badge of it, embroider it onto a scarf or hat, or just scribble it onto a bit of paper and put it into your pocket.


Whatever animal you get will be appropriate to the purpose that you called it for.


Happy journeying









You Tube Video; a great explanation of Shamanic Journeying; Sandra Ingerman: Experiencing the Shamanic Journey


You Tube Video; This is a 7 (ish) minute journey; Journey to the Heart of the World, with Sandra Ingerman...!


You Tube video of a talk by Sandra Ingerman, where she explains really well what Shamanic practice is all about....


You Tube video which gives a really good explanation of Shamanic Journeying, as well as a 15-20 minute drumming sequence to journey to.


You Tube video; this is a 30 minute long drumming sequence....


You Tube video; this is an hour long drumming sequence if you really wanna go the distance....


Recommended book and CD......

The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingreman


Recommended CD........

Shamanic Meditations: Guided Journeys for Insight, Vision and Healing by Sandra Ingerman


Recommended book......

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner


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