Shamanic Journeying - DIY Power Animal Retrieval

You can call for a power animal to help you with any aspect of your life, and they bring you a gift of energy to assist you with that situation. This is a done by taking a shamanic journey, or visualisation journey, the purpose being to call upon energetic assistance from the animal spirit realm to help you in whatever way you need it.


To give you some examples, you could call upon a power animal to;


• help you heal in some way, eg from birth trauma, grief, abuse etc

• strengthen you if you suffer from eg. fear, anxiety, lack of confidence

• help you maintain strong positive energy dynamics/boundaries with those around you eg. partner, parents, children, work colleagues, friends etc

• support you through difficult or challenging life circumstances/transitions eg. leaving a relationship, moving house, changing job, having a baby

• help you to conceive

• help you sleep

• give you more energy

• help you child's eczema (you dont need...

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