Sneaky Peak into my new Online Course in Soul Retrieval

Eeeeee !! I’m doing a super happy dance here because I’m so excited to share my latest offering with you … my Soul Retrieval Masterclass
I'd really love to introduce you to the profound and transformational Shamanic practise of Soul Retrieval, so click on the link below to join us in this awesome training.
In this 3-Part Soul Retrieval Masterclass we will cover …
- The concept of what the Soul is, how we can lose parts of it, and the process we use to get our Soul pieces back.
- The reasons why we need to retrieve our Soul parts; the experience of Soul Loss and the effect of Soul Holes.
- The method of how to do Soul Retrieval; namely the Shamanic Journey.
This Masterclass is taken from my brand new Soul Retrieval Online Course, so if the information in it resonates with you, you will have the opportunity at the end to purchase the full course.
Blessings to you...
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